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  • New picture galleries #11 and #12

In Gallery #11 and #12 you can find new pictures with acrylic and pens or watercolour and pencil on white or coloured paper.
Gallery #11 / Gallery #12

  acryl   acryl  
  aquarell   aquarell  


  • Wôs heb i? - Song by Martin Schauer and Robert Tribus

Robert Tribus and Martin Schauer have recorded the song 'Wôs heb i?'- lyrics by Robert Tribus.


  • "Conditions" is the name of a new sculpture by Martin Schauer, shown in group exhibition in Innsbruck and Zurich 2013.
Verfassungen - Martin Schauer
Conditions / Verfassungen - 2013


update 03.03.2017